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Our Values: Learn the seven words that we live by every day.
Careers: Advance your career with an industry leading company.

Our Primary Companies

  • American Republic Insurance Company (American Republic) - founded 1929, Des Moines, IA and Medico Insurance Company - founded in 1930, Omaha, NE and acquired by merger in 2012.
  • Both rated A- (Excellent) by A.M. Best Company*
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American Enterprise Group, Inc. — People First

The people of the American Enterprise Group, Inc. (American Enterprise) feel the responsibility of knowing that what we do can dramatically affect people’s lives.

We’re a diversified insurance company specializing in innovative, tailored health insurance products for individuals, families, small business owners and affinity groups. We come to work every day knowing that a lot of people are going to call us when something bad happens in their lives. The last thing these stressed-out customers want is a surprise. Or a hassle. Or a busy signal. Or an “I’m sorry to inform you …” To ensure we can offer the relief of “we’ll take care of it,” American Enterprise puts people first by…

  • Being crystal clear on exactly what our products do and do not cover
  • Maintaining honest, ethical business standards
  • Delivering excellent coverage and exceptional service at competitive prices
  • Immediately delivering on our promises, without question
  • Putting customers first. Serving agents and employees. Not only are those the smart ways to succeed at business, they’re the right things to do.

* A.M. Best Company is an independent non-government company that rates insurance companies. Our A- (Excellent) rating is the fourth highest out of 15 possible ratings (rating confirmed February 2015).  Ratings reflect Best's independent opinion of overall financial strength and are not a recommendation of any specific product or service.